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April 13, 2021
Jake Ulrich

Jake Ulrich, a Ph.D. candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department on the Environmental Health Engineering track, has been working to identify potential contaminants in rural Sri Lanka well water that might be related to a mysterious kidney disease.

April 6, 2021
forever duke student leadership award

The Forever Duke Student Leadership Award recognizes graduating students for their service to the university.

April 6, 2021
George C. Wright

The first African American to earn a history Ph.D. at Duke has built a long career as a scholar, faculty member, and administrator focused on creating opportunities for others.

March 25, 2021
tablet showing home page of the reporting guide

The interactive guide, based on the work of Ph.D. candidate Kirsten Overdahl, helps graduate students better understand the options and processes for reporting harassment, discrimination, and other concerns.





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