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Alumni Profiles Series: Maria Bezaitis

March 6, 2019
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"I was trained in... understanding text as a system that communicates certain values and assumptions. That’s something that I’m still doing, but my texts have changed."

Broadening Your Thinking about Your Research and Yourself through an Internship

February 12, 2019
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"Tackling new problems during my internship reminded me that I am capable of shifting gears and adapting my skills to new contexts. I also feel better prepared after gaining a fresh perspective on career trajectories. First-hand experience in a different environment helped me to cultivate a deeper self-awareness about what I want in my career."

Musicology Ph.D. student named HWW Fellow

January 18, 2019
Liz Crisenbery

As a National Humanities Without Walls Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Liz Crisenbery will participate in a three-week series of workshops aimed at helping doctoral students prepare for careers within and beyond academia.



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