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Application Instructions

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Application Instructions

The current application cycle is closed. The 2019 admission application will be available in August 2018.


Applicants must hold either a US bachelor's degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited institution. If the degree was granted by an institution outside of the US, the institution must be accredited by the governing educational body of the country (such as the ministry of education).

Review the application requirements carefully before starting the application. Make sure Javascript is activated and pop-up blockers are disabled on your web browser. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, make sure it is not running in compatibility mode.

The data you enter in the online application, including the contents of all attachments, is subject to verification. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information provided in the application is accurate.

Duke University reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission or to terminate enrollment if there is any discrepancy between the submitted application data and the subsequently verified data.

The application fee is $90 (payable by Visa or Mastercard).


Required Documents and Information


Important Reminders

  • Take required standardized tests early to ensure that official scores arrive by the application deadline.
  • When uploading documents, make sure your documents are legible and no larger than 1.5 MB (1,500 KB).
  • Be sure that your full name, as given on your application, appears on all documents submitted on your behalf (e.g., GRE scores, letters of recommendation). Please call our attention to variations of your name that might appear on submitted materials.
  • Submit all application materials electronically. Do not send materials by mail unless we ask that you do so.
  • To prevent application processing delays, do not send required application materials to the department to which you are applying, unless the department specifically requests that you do so.
  • Do not submit extra or unnecessary documents, such as secondary-school records, awards/certificates/commendations that are not strictly academic credentials as stated in our requirements, or letters of recommendation beyond the required three. Excessive amounts of unnecessary information can actually hurt your chances of admission.
  • The graduate admissions office does not alter submitted applications. We will accept transcript updates or updated CVs listing new awards, appointments, or publications. Please send the updated documentation as a PDF attachment (no Microsoft Word documents or JPEG files) to

Applying for Readmission


Duke University's Annual Clery Security Report as Mandated by Federal Statute 20 USC § 1092
The Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report include institutional policies concerning campus safety and security, as well as statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on Duke University property and on public property adjacent to campus and fires that have occurred in residence halls. A copy of this Report can be obtained by contacting the Duke Police Department at 684-4602 or writing to 502 Oregon Street, Durham, NC 27708 or by accessing