The Duke University Graduate School offers master’s and doctoral degrees in more than 80 departments and programs of study, as well as certificate programs; dual, joint, and 4+1 degrees; and graduate programs at Duke Kunshan. Our graduate students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty across Duke’s nine other schools and to conduct research in connection with numerous campus research institutes and centers.

We conduct external reviews on our programs approximately every six years to evaluate the quality of the research and teaching and to recommend ways to enhance the programs’ effectiveness.

Degree Programs

Other Programs

Certificate Programs

Graduate School students in Ph.D. and master's programs can pursue graduate certificates to gain advanced training in interdisciplinary or emerging fields of knowledge.

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Dual, Joint, 4+1 Degrees

The Graduate School offers specialized dual- and joint-degree programs that promote interdisciplinary research.

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DKU Programs

Duke Kunshan is a partnership of Duke University and Wuhan University and offers two master's degree programs through Duke Graduate School.

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