Responsible Conduct of Research

  • What: Mandatory training in research ethics
  • Required for: All Duke Graduate School Ph.D. and master's students
  • When: RCR orientations are held during orientation week for new students; RCR forums are offered throughout the year

Responsible Conduct of Research training is a formal requirement for every master’s and PhD student enrolled in The Graduate School. The RCR training requirement reflects our expectation that every graduate student will be aware of academic standards and well-qualified to address the growing ethical challenges that arise when teaching or conducting scholarly research.

RCR training at Duke challenges students to engage in ethical decision-making by using realistic scenarios and current issues, involving students in active learning, and using faculty and staff leaders who can provide relevant information for 21st century researchers. The Graduate School provides RCR training during Orientation Week for new students and at training forums offered throughout the year. Other training opportunities might be used to fulfill part of the RCR requirements, but must be approved in advance by The Graduate School.

All master’s students are required to complete four hours of RCR training during their orientation and an additional two hour RCR forum before graduation. All PhD students are required to complete 12 or 18 hours of RCR training, depending on their discipline. See the RCR Requirements page for more information, including deadlines for completing this training.

RCR Requirements

18 Hours

For Ph.D. students in basic medical sciences

12 Hours

For all other Ph.D. students

6 Hours

For master's students


Hugh Crumley, PhD
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Duke University Graduate School
Office of the Dean
2127 Campus Drive, Box 90068
Durham, NC 27708

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