This page provides quick links to various Graduate School policies and forms. If there is a Graduate School policy or form you are looking for that's not here, let us know by emailing


Graduate School Bulletin: Includes policies for :

  • Degree requirements
  • Registration
  • Academic credit and courses
  • Withdrawals and leaves of absence

Best Practices and Core Expectations: Lays out what is expected of graduate students, faculty, departments, and The Graduate School


Application Data Security Policy


Standards of Conduct

Harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and related concerns: Policies and resources

Coursework and Enrollment

Concurrent Master’s Degree in Another Discipline en route to the Ph.D.

Course Withdrawal Form (PDF) | See Records and Registration page for instructions

Departmental Affiliation Form (PDF)

Graduate Bulletin Course Change Form

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  • To get an authorization code for the system, contact

Graduate Certificate Program Application (PDF)

Inter-Departmental Transfer Form for master's Students

Inter-Departmental Transfer Form for Ph.D. Students

Permission to Audit Graduate Course (Above the 500 Level)

Permission for Graduate Students to Enroll in A Course Below the 500 Level

Permission to Take A Course Overload

Retroactive Credit Form (PDF)

Transfer of Graduate Credit from Another University (MA/MS only) (PDF) | See Records and Registration page for instructions

Dissertations, Theses, Preliminary Exams

Committee Approval Form (PDF)

Non-Thesis Master's Committee Approval Sheet (XLS)

Departmental Defense Announcement Form (PDF)

Non-Exclusive Distribution License and Dissertation Availability Agreement (PDF)

Preliminary Exam Report (PDF)

Request for Extension for Preliminary Exam

Financial Support

Childcare Subsidy Policy and Application

Conference Support

External Funding Intake Form

Financial Aid Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF)

Medical Expense/Financial Hardship Assistance Policy and Application

Graduate Student Payments/Reimbursement Policy

Graduate Student Fellowships

Helen & Gordon McKinney Emergency Loan Fund application

International Exchange Agreements Policy

NSF Stipend Supplementation

Payment Agreement for Students whose Thesis Advisors leave Duke (PDF)

PhD Recruitment Reporting and Reimbursement (XLS)

PhD Student Affiliation and Backstop Funding Policy

Ph.D. Insurance Scholarship Policy

Ph.D. Stipend Supplementation Policy

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form (PDF)

Request for Event or Program Financial Support from the Dean of The Graduate School

Student Accounts Billing Schedule

Summer Federal Financial Aid Application

Summer Registration

Statement of Financial Support for Graduate Student Advisors (PDF)

Tuition, Fees, and Stipend Schedule

Tuition Remission Policy

Graduate Program Administration

DGS Manual

DGSA Manual

External Review Procedures

Graduate Faculty Nomination

Procedures for New Proposals for Graduate Programs

Leaves of Absence and Time Off

Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy for PhD Students

Leave of Absence

Time-Off Policy for Duke Graduate Students (Replaced the PhD RA Vacation Policy starting Summer Term, 2022)

Withdrawals policy: See the Graduate School Bulletin

Responsible Conduct of Research

Policies for the Responsible Conduct of Research


Guidelines and Policies for Graduate Student Teaching Assistants and Instructors


Duke Travel Registry: All graduate students traveling internationally on university-related or -sponsored activities are required to register their travel plans with the registry. Students who are traveling to a restricted region are required to register and sign the High Risk Travel Waiver/Release.