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Professional Development

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Your Professional Development Begins Today

No matter what your career plans are, your graduate school experience must encompass more than just coursework, research, presentations, and publications. The Graduate School provides programs, resources, and events to help you with every step along the way—from identifying potential career paths, to developing skills to compete for them, to managing your career. These opportunities will help prepare you for success in academia, business, entrepreneurship, government, and nonprofits. Professional development is not one workshop or one course; it is something you do throughout your time at Duke. So get started now.

Overview of professional development offerings from The Graduate School (PDF)


  • Friday, February 28, 2020
    10:00 am to 11:00 am

    STEM Faculty Careers Beyond R1 Institutions: A Panel Discussion (Webinar)

    Academic positions can take many forms depending on the institution. The average day at an R1 institution is very different compared to a liberal arts college or a community college. In this panel session, STEM faculty from various types of institutions beyond R1 will discuss their career paths, how they prepared to go on the academic job market, and how academic hiring and promotion work at their institutions. They will also discuss the split between research, teaching, and service, as well as work-life balance.

  • Monday, March 2, 2020
    2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

    From Europe to the U.S. and Back Again: Strategies for a Mobile, Multi-Lingual Academic Career

    In a workshop format, Dr. Kostis Kornetis, Teaching Associate in Modern European History at the University of Sheffield, U.K., will offer strategies for taking a career in the humanities across national and linguistic boundaries. The focus of this event will be how to develop a professional profile that allows PhD students to make their research and teaching skills relevant in international settings.


Alumni Profiles Series: Ben Maynor

February 26, 2020
Ben Maynor, Ph.D.

“Don't feel like you have to follow a pathway that you might have predicted for yourself when you were in college or when you were a first-year graduate student. It’s best to be open to change and then follow your interests.”

How Five Minutes Advanced My Research and Grew My Network

February 12, 2020

"I settled on the Greek hero of Achilles as a metaphor for my thesis research. Like drug-resistant cancers, Achilles was stronger than his counterparts, but that strength also came with a hidden vulnerability—his heel—which his opponents would one day exploit. A picture of Achilles became my title slide and the myth formed the foundation of my talk."

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