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Certificate in College Teaching

If you plan to go on to a faculty career in higher education, you will very likely be expected to teach. The Certificate in College Teaching program both prepares you to do this and formally documents this professional development to make you more competitive when applying for positions. Students who complete the CCT will have it listed on their transcripts as an officially endorsed Duke University Graduate School certificate.

The CCT combines departmental training and resources with programming from The Graduate School to give you systematic pedagogical training that not only helps you develop as a teacher, but also allows you to use your time more efficiently as you balance your research and teaching responsibilities.

The goals of the CCT program are to facilitate and recognize graduate students’ completion of:

  • Sustained, systematic pedagogical training that promotes
    • current best practices in teaching and learning,
    • appropriate use of instructional technology, and
    • systematic assessment of student learning outcomes
  • A reflective teaching practice including peer observation
  • Development of materials suitable for use in applying for teaching positions after graduation


The Certificate in College Teaching program has three major requirements:

The program requirements take about a year to complete, but that may vary as opportunities for gaining teaching experience vary across departments. CCT work may be done alongside other classes, research, or work on a dissertation and should not significantly interfere with the timely completion of any of these. After you apply to the CCT program, the program director will meet with you to go over the requirements and your timeline for completing them.

Apply to the CCT


Completing the Program

In the semester you expect to graduate, you should complete the CCT Graduation Form.

Deadlines for submitting this form:

  • Summer 2017 graduation: August 11, 2017
  • Fall 2017 graduation: December 15, 2017
  • Spring 2018 graduation: April 27, 2018

After you submit this form, the CCT program director will contact you about the final steps in finishing the program.



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