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RCR Topics

The Duke Graduate School regularly offers RCR training in the core topics below for PhD students in every department and program. This list includes the nine core areas for RCR training identified by the US Office of Research Integrity. We also provide occasional training on specialized topics such as ethical issues in qualitative or ethnographic research, nanoscience and technology, or bioethics.

We have included links to relevant resources for some of the core topics below. For more resources, see the RCR Policies and Resources page.

1. Academic integrity and misconduct

2. Conflict of interest or commitment

3. Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer

4. Mentor/advisee responsibilities

5. Harassment prevention and handling complaints

6. Diversity and inclusion in a research environment

7. Human subjects

8. Animal subjects

9. Data management

10. Intellectual property

11. Authorship, Copyright, and Scholarly Communications

12. Collaborative research

13. Fiscal responsibility