Any Duke student, faculty, or staff who has reason to believe that a researcher has committed misconduct in research should report the matter to the Misconduct Review Officer (MRO), the Office of Audit, Risk & Compliance (OARC), the Integrity Hotline, or their supervisor. 

All allegations of research misconduct from sources inside or outside the university will be considered. Allegations addressed to someone other than an MRO should be promptly forwarded to the appropriate MRO.

Reporting Misconduct

The Misconduct Review Officer (MRO) oversees the review of allegations of research misconduct. Duke faculty and staff are able to report possible misconduct concerns directly to the MRO, to their department chair, division chief, dean, or other appropriate institutional official.

Misconduct Review Officer

Donna Kessler, Ph.D.
Research Integrity Officer

Anonymous Integrity Line

Research misconduct concerns may also be reported anonymously through the Integrity Line at 1-800-826-8109.

Visit myResearchPath for more information on identifying and reporting misconduct.