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RCR Forums

Beyond the RCR orientations, all graduate students have to complete additional RCR forums. These are more specialized, smaller and interactive opportunities for you to engage with faculty, librarians, staff and other professionals to explore ethical issues and concerns in your scholarship. The minimum requirements are listed below; you are encouraged to take more:

Master's   1 forum
PhD   4 forums (3 for students matricualting before Fall 2020; see note)
PhD (School of Medicine)   2 forums (1 for students matricualting before Fall 2020)

RCR forums are given numbers on your transcript and can be repeated. Each listed below is worth two hours of RCR credit toward graduation, although a "zero" credit will appear on your transcript as they are not regular, semester-long classes:

  • GS714  Academic Integrity & Misconduct 
  • GS715  Diversity & Inclusion in a Research Environment 
  • GS716  Mentoring & Wellness
  • GS717  Best Practices in Responsible Scholarship
  • BIOTRAIN755 Responsible Scientist TAship (Forum option for OBGE)
  • GS711, GS712 Generic Graduate School RCR credit (old numbers)

Registration for these events will be available at the links below. Do not try to register through DukeHub. 

Fall 2021 RCR Forum Series

If you cannot find a forum you need (e.g., GS715,) note that events are being added frequently to this series; check back often. We expect to have a total of several dozen forums by the end of the term.