The Certificate in College Teaching is awarded concurrently with your graduate degree, i.e., the degree you receive as you are leaving Duke. If you applied to graduate in the previous term but did not graduate, you will need to apply again for the current term. In the semester you expect to graduate, you should complete these three steps:

  1. Apply to graduate in DukeHub for your graduate degree
  2. Apply to graduate in DukeHub for the Certificate in College Teaching (and any other certificates you are engaged in.) 
  3. Complete the CCT Graduation Form. Note that this is separate from DukeHub. After you submit this form, the CCT program director will contact you about the final steps in finishing the program. This may include revising your portfolio & teaching statement or submitting missing Teaching Triangles documents. If you are enrolled in a CCT course or engaged in Teaching Triangles in the term you are graduating, you should note this when you complete the CCT Graduation Form. Your portfolio must be complete and ready for review by the application deadline.

Deadlines to apply for graduation in DukeHub for the CCT is the same as all other Graduate School apply-to-graduate deadlines. The deadline for submission of the CCT Graduation Form (step 3) is a few weeks later, and resubmission of any updated materials are due after that.

Spring 2024 CCT Graduation Deadlines 

  • Feb 1 Apply to graduate deadline
  • Mar 1 CCT graduation form closes; review begins. Portfolio link due
  • Mar 20 Deadline for resubmission of any updated CCT materials as required by review

See more information about graduation.