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Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Neurobiology
Box 3209 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 681-4243


General Information

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Program Description

The goal of the Department of Neurobiology's Ph.D. program is to train the next generation of leading scientists who will work in academia or industry to discover how the nervous system functions.  Our scientists investigate a myriad of complex processes, including learning, memory, movement, behavior, sensation, and perception, and how to restore normal function of the nervous system in the face of trauma and disease.  Major strengths include an interdisciplinary faculty, broad collaboration with other departments and programs, a flexible curriculum and some of the nation's best technical facilities for neuroscience. A first-year core curriculum gives a solid background in cellular, molecular, systems, cognitive, and developmental neurobiology; each of these areas is well represented on the faculty. Extracurricular events offer opportunities for informal training: an annual two-day retreat; several weekly seminar series; student lunches with visiting speakers; clubs -- drawing participants from several area universities and addressing specific research interests; and the SFN annual meeting. Technical facilities include the Centers for Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain Imaging & Analysis, Neuroengineering, Translational Neuroscience, and the Neuroproteomics Laboratory.


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