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Genetics and Genomics

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Director of Graduate Studies
Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics
Box 103855 Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC 27710
(919) 684-6629


General Information

Degree offered:
Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics through the interdepartmental University Program in Genetics and Genomics (UPGG) or through one of the participating departments of the UPGG with a certificate through UPGG.
Faculty working with students:
Students receiving Financial Aid:
Part time study available:
Test required:
GRE General: Optional for 2021
Application Deadlines

Program Description

The program provides a unified curriculum of study in genetics and genomics leading to the Ph.D. Areas of specialization include population and evolutionary genetics, microbial and viral genetics, human and mammalian genetics, developmental genetics, epigenomics, and plant genetics. This is an interdisciplinary program with faculty drawn from several departments (Biochemistry, Biology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Immunology, Neurobiology, Pathology and Pharmacology and Cancer Biology) as well as from the Institute of Molecular Physiology.

Students admitted to the Program in Genetics and Genomics at Duke University may obtain a Ph.D. by working with faculty of the interdepartmental University Program in Genetics and Genomics or may obtain the Ph.D. in the home department of the program faculty member with certificate of graduate study in the University Program in Genetics and Genomics.


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