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Director of Graduate Studies
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University
Box 90328
Durham, NC 27708-0328
(919) 613-8002



General Information

Degree offered:
Ph.D., J.D./M.A.
Faculty working with students:
30 in Durham (as tenured and tenure-track)
Students receiving Financial Aid:
Test required:
GRE General: Optional for 2021
Application Deadlines

Program Description

The graduate program in Environment (ENV), administered by the Division of Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), is distinctive in its interdisciplinary approach to research related to natural resources and the environment.  It offers students opportunities to work with faculty who specialize in an array of disciplines within the physical, chemical, biological, and social sciences, as well as integration among them.  Because of the intensive research nature of this degree, course work is tailored to the particular needs of the research topic agreed upon by the student, the faculty mentor, and committees involved.  Publications in peer-reviewed journals are common outlets for student dissertations.  Hence, identifying appropriate faculty mentors participating in this program is encouraged during the application process.  The ENV program is organized around four research themes (  Ecosystem Science, which emphasizes conservation ecology, landscape, ecology, wetland ecology, forest ecology, soils, biogeochemistry, and hydrology of watersheds; Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, which emphasizes the fate and effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors, particularly chemicals, in the environment; Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences that concentrates on problems spanning natural divisions of the biosphere- soil, plants, lakes, watersheds, and the atmosphere, and Environmental Social Sciences that emphasize the management of natural resources and the environment by individuals and societies.  While the program does not normally admit students for a terminal M.S. degree, this degree may be awarded as part of a Ph.D. program.  The A.M. degree is available only for students who wish to participate in the joint J.D. program between the Nicholas School and the School of Law.  NOTE:  Applications to the professional degree programs (e.g. Masters of Environmental Management or MEM) require a separate application procedure.  Be sure to inquire about the appropriate course of action.

Spring Application: No, for general applications.  However, applications supported by a research fellowship supervised by an individual faculty member may be accepted.


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