Welcome to The Graduate School's new website. Here's a look at some of the new features based on feedback from students, faculty, and staff.

1. Enhanced experience; improved readability

The new site sports a revamped design for a better user experience, including updated typography that helps make the content easier to read. 

Screenshots of three pages on the new Graduate School site


2. Quicker access to frequently sought information

A new set of user group pages (Applicants, Students, Alumni, Faculty & Staff) provide quick information and links for the most common questions and needs.

TGS website menu, with the user group pages circled


High-level pages, such as the home page, now include more quick links to frequently sought information.

Quick links located on the TGS website home page


A new Records and Registration page provides easy access to information and links about courses, registration, leaves of absence, and other related topics.

Records and Registration page on TGS website


The new Policies & Forms page, linked at the top of the site for easy access, collects all Graduate School policies and forms in one centralized location. 

Button leading to the Policies & Forms at the top right of TGS Website.

3. More guidance on whom to contact

Click "Who Do I Contact About ..." on the Contact page for a list of contacts for common topics. That page also has contact information for each Graduate School office and a general contact form that will route your question to the proper office/individuals.

Screenshot of the contact page


4. More detailed Theses and Dissertations page 

Based on student feedback, the Theses and Dissertations page has been revamped to provide a step-by-step outline of the defense and submission process. We are also working on something similar for prelims and other milestones.

Theses and Dissertations page on TGS website


5. New section for DGSs and DGSAs

Directors of graduate studies and directors of graduate studies assistants now have a section specifically for them, which contains the DGS manual; the DGSA manual; a new, searchable DGS and DGSA directory; and a page of training resources. This section will expand as more resources for DGSs and DGSAs are developed.

DGSs and DGSAs page on TGS website

Have questions about the new site? Please contact grad-web@duke.edu.