The Duke Graduate School regularly offers RCR training in a range of topics including those identified by the US Office of Research Integrity as well as other areas necessary for your professional development as a scholar engaged with your research community. Forums offered by the Graduate School are organized into four broad areas. Each is listed  below with its transcript designation, examples of specific topics and links to relevant resources. (In the past, the numbers 711 and 712 were used.) 

This area includes scholarly communications, copyright, intellectual property, authorship, open access/institutional repositories, falsification/fabrication/plagiarism, standards of conduct & other topics related to academic integrity.

RCR topics in this area: Implicit bias, harassment prevention and handling complaints, issues of institutional equity, issues of race, gender and protected status in a scholarly environment.

Mentor/advisee responsibilities, conflict of interest or commitment, navigating professional relationships, campus mental health resources, stress management.

This area includes best research practices, explored with faculty, librarians and other academic staff. Topics include human subjects, IRB, animal subjects, data management, collaborative research, university-industry guidelines, fiscal responsibility, research costing compliance, inventions, patents, and technology transfer, project management, citation management, discipline-specific RCR issues.