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Other RCR Training

While The Graduate School provides centralized training via the RCR orientations and ongoing RCR forums, we fully support any RCR-related training initiatives led by other departments, programs, or campus centers. However, The Graduate School must review other proposed RCR-type training events in advance in order to determine whether participants will receive official Graduate School RCR credit.

We request that any faculty or staff who plan or develop RCR-type training initiatives (e.g., guest speakers on research ethics, specialized training in relation to a campus center) coordinate that event with The Graduate School. If you would like for us to review an upcoming RCR-type training event, please refer to these directions and request form, which you should send to at least two weeks before the event. After the event, the list of participants should be sent to The Graduate School using this template.

Online RCR Training

While some universities and organizations use online modules for RCR training, at Duke we support a more interactive, personal conversation and discussion with a representative group of your peers, faculty, or other research professionals. While The Graduate School plans to develop and use certain modules as preparation for training events, we think face-to-face discussion of such issues is a vital component of RCR training and your professional development. We consider the best practice in RCR education to be active thinking and discussion about realistic scenarios that might surface in the context of conducting research in your field of knowledge.