Open to: PhD students beyond prelims
Credit: 1, credit/no credit
Instructor: Hugh Crumley
Offered: Fall and spring. Instructor consent required.
Prerequisites: Completed GS750 (or any other teaching class from this list) and completed prelims.

In this course, students

  • explore web tools for designing an online teaching portfolio,
  • write a teaching statement for this portfolio,
  • develop a CV according to graphic design principles,
  • work collaboratively with others in the design process, and
  • develop a short presentation on their research for a lay audience.

The portfolio developed in this course can be used to satisfy the online teaching portfolio requirement in the Certificate in College Teaching program.

To Enroll

Students in the Certificate in College Teaching program are given priority for this class. Each term, an online form is opened for students to express interest in this and other college teaching courses being offered in the following term, and seats in the courses are distributed based on need and the appropriate fit of the student (year of study, teaching experience, etc.) The online form is typically opened in October (for spring classes) and in April (for fall classes.) Watch for CCT Annoucements emails for these links.

Sample Teaching Portfolios by Past GS760 Students

Nichole Orench-Rivera (F 17)

Alice Carter (S 20)
Calla Telzrow (S 20)
Songhui Zhao (F 19)
Jamie Wagner (F 18)
Jenn Coughlan (F 17)
Kate Thomas (S17)
Laura Bagge (S 16)

Biomedical Engineering
Daniel Puleri (F 19)
Lisa Cervia (S 17)
Katheryn Rothenberg (S 16)
Cristina Fernandez (F 13)

Business Administration
Carman Fowler (S 23)
Yue Zhang (F 14)

Cell Biology
Taylor Hinnant (F 22)

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Tyler Waterman (F 22)
Joana Sipe (F 20)
Yueqian Cao (F 20)
Jake Ulrich (S 20)
Imari Walker Karega (F 19)
Nicholas Rogers (F 19)

Classical Studies
Michael Freeman (S 22)
David Stifler (F 18)

Cognitive Neuroscience
Matthew Bachman (F 20)
Eva Gjorgieva (F 20)

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Jessica Leete (F 19)

Computational Media, Arts and Cultures
Evan Donahue (F 18)

Computer Science
Lesia Semenova (S 20)
Brittany Fasy (S 08)

Earth & Ocean Sciences
Margaret Zimmer (S 17)
Kendra Kaiser (F 16)

Emily Ury (S 20)
Katie Grogan (S 13)

Ian Lee (F 22)
Eugene Tan (F 17)
Margaux Luflade (S 16)
Christopher Roark (F 15)
Rosen Valchev (S14)

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Craig Laboda (S 16)
Chris Tralie (F 15)

Hunter Augeri (F 22)
Michael McGurk (S 20)
Jessica Hines (F 14)
Rebecca Evans (S 14)

Edgar Virgüez (F 19)
Jessica Brandt (F 17)
Megan Fork (F 16)
Daniela Miteva (F 12)
Noella Gray (F 07)

Environmental Policy
Zachary Brecheisen (F 17)

Evolutionary Anthropology
Tauras Vilgalys (F 18)

Experimental & Documentary Arts
Juan Velasquez (S 23)
Max Schulte (S 23)
Vit Bitencourt (S 23)
Maddie Stambler (S 23)
Madison Cavalchire (S 23)
Mingyong Cheng (S 21)
Archer Boyette (F 20)
Lauren Henschel (F 19)
Jing Cai (F 19)
Laurenn McCubbin (S 13)
Wolfgang Hastert (S 13)

Genetics & Genomics
Cora Bright (S 23)
Brandon Lê (F 22)
Rachel Hoffman (S 21)
Sarah Cunningham (F 20)
Emily McLean (F 16)

Germanic Languages & Literature
Sandra Niethardt (F 14)

Meghan Woolley (S 20)
Anderson Hagler (S 18)

Kendra Smyth (F 15)

Jessica Gokhberg (S 21)
Annu Dahiya (F 18)

Marine Science & Conservation
Dana Wright (S 21)
Jillian Wisse (S 21)
Dana Baker (S 17)

Ruby Kim (F 20)
Chen An (S 20)
Sarah Ritchey (S 18)
Michael Casey (S 16)
Henri Roesch (F 15)
Phillip Andreae (S 15)
Ben Gaines (S 14)

Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Luisa Serafim (S 23)
Heer Majithia (F 22)
Michael Lee (F 19)

Medical Physics
Xinyi Li (S 21)
Justin Solomon (S 15)
You Zhang (S14)

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Michael McFadden (S 20)
Hannah Brown (F 18)
Hannah McMIllan (F 18)
Kaila Pianalto (S 17)

Huijuan Ling (F 22)
Devon Carter (F 22)
James Budinich (S 22)
Johathan Henderson (S 21)
Dayton Kinney (F 19)
Meredith Graham (F 19)
Scott Lee (F 17)

Jewel Scott (S 20)
Ashlee Vance (S 18)

Steven Shen (S 21)

Michael Veldman (F 22)
Angela Bischof (S 20)
Ewan Kingston (S 18)

Baran Bodur (F 22)
Ryan Kozlowski (F 19)
Ron Malone (S 18)

Political Science
Paweł Charasz (S 21)
Alexandra Oprea (F 16)

Psychology & Neuroscience
Lucas Bellaiche (S 23)
Anna Smith (S 23)
Audrey Liu (F 22)
Yuxi Candice Wang (F 22)
Ben Devlin (F 22)
Erik Juarez (S 21)
Madeline Farber (S 20)
Paula Yust (F 19)
Sara Maurer (S 18)
Christina Bejjani (S 18)
Stephanie Santistevan-Swett (S 17)
Kate MacDuffie (F 14)

Public Policy
Becca Daniels (S 22)
Sarah Petry (S 22)
Bobby Harris (S 20)
Emily Pakhtigian (F 18)
Nivedhitha Subramanian (F 18)
Emma Zang (S 18)
John Holbein (F 14)

Mary Dance Berry (S 23)
Claire Rostov (F 22)
Elizabeth Schrader (S 22)
Grazina Bielousova (F 20)
Zexi Jesse Sun (F 20)
Brenna Keegan (F 17)
Wen Reagan (S 12)

Romance Studies
Cristina Carnemolla (F 22)

Kierstren Hasenour (S 23)
Molly Copeland (F 17)
Kimberly Rogers (F 11)

Statistical Science
Rick Presman (S 23)
Raphaël Morsomme (F 22)
Emily Gentles (S 22)
Ed Tam (S 22)
Jiurui Tang (S 21)
Fan Bu (F 20)