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Apply to CCT

To apply to the Certificate for College Teaching program, complete the online application below. The CCT program director will then contact you via e-mail to schedule an advising session, where you will begin the process to identify possible teaching and observing opportunities, review the requirements for the certificate and develop your timeline for their completion.

Each PhD student who enrolls in the certificate program will schedule one progress report meeting per year with the program director and must remain in good academic standing at Duke.

Who can apply?

The CCT is for enrolled PhD students in any department or program of study at Duke.

When should I apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time for the program. The latest that you can apply is before the drop-add date of the semester in which you intend to complete the certificate, but it is recommended that you apply at least a year or more before that. Typically, PhD students close to or beyond their prelims (or equivalent) would be well-situated to enroll. However, if you have teaching responsibilities early in your program (first or second year), it would make sense to enroll then.