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Bass Instructional Fellowships

The Bass Instructional Fellowship Program supports high-quality teaching experiences for Ph.D. students where normal means of funding are unavailable. It also helps students become more knowledgeable in digital teaching and learning. The program offers fellowships for

Financial support for Bass Instructional Fellows is variable and dependent on the student’s need. If the student has support in place for the term in which they plan to participate, the Bass award can be purely nominal (i.e., no financial component.) If the student needs support for that term or semester, full financial support would be available.

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Bass IORs & TAs

John Klingensmith, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs                                      
Associate Professor, Cell Biology       
Duke University Graduate School      
2127 Campus Drive, Box 90068         
Durham, NC 27708                             

Bass DEFs

Hugh Crumley, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education
Duke University Graduate School
2127 Campus Drive, Box 90068
Durham, NC 27708