This fellowship provides funded, semester-long teaching opportunities for PhD students to be an instructor of record (IOR) of a course in the student’s discipline. It can fulfill a requirement for The Graduate School’s Certificate in College Teaching.

As an IOR, a PhD student is the primary instructor for a course. Applications for this fellowship will be evaluated on two key criteria:

  • The pedagogical preparation of the PhD student, such as participation in the Certificate in College Teaching, successful completion of courses on college teaching, or participation in other Graduate School or departmental teacher training
  • The likelihood of strong undergraduate interest in the proposed course

With this second criterion in mind, existing courses or topics that have previously been taught may be more competitive. To this end, your communication with the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) of the department in which the course would be taught is essential. The Graduate School will follow up with the DUS to confirm that the applicant is qualified to teach the course and that the course is viable and will have good enrollment. It is in the applicant's best interest to lay this groundwork before applying. Note also that the department, not the Graduate School is responsible for getting course approval (if needed) and listed in DukeHub for the appropriate term.

Below is a table of characteristics of more and less competitive applications for a teaching fellowship as IOR:

More Competitive Application
Less Competitive Application

Applicant has taken courses in CCT, other pedagogical training

Applicant has not taken classes or training in college teaching

Applicant has never taught proposed course as IOR in fall or spring

Applicant has taught proposed course IOR in fall or spring

Applicant has previous TA experience

Applicant has no previous TA experience

Course has high potential for undergraduate interest/enrollment

There is little evidence for undergraduate interest in course

Course already exists and has proven record of undergraduate interest

Course is new and unknown to undergraduates

Course is for undergraduates only

Course accepts graduate students 

DUS in department is informed and supportive

DUS does not know about the course or applicant

More Info

More general information about being an IOR (including and beyond the Bass Fellowship)