Throughout the year, Duke offers a variety of professional development topics of interest to graduate students and postdocs. With speakers' permission, some of these events are recorded.

Senior Leadership Insights

Recordings of conversations from The Graduate School's Senior Leadership Insights series.

Evelyn Murphy, Ph.D.

Lisa Waller, Ph.D.

Alum, New Faculty, and HR Zooms

Zoom conversations with Duke Ph.D. and postdoc alumni, as well as HR representatives from prospective employers are available thanks to the Office of Postdoctoral Services YouTube channel.

Patricia Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Editor, Wiley

Julie Martin, Ph.D., Impact Tracking Program Delivery Manager at McKinsey & Co

Career Conversations

See the Careers Beyond Academia Series and the Academic Job Search Series on the Duke Postdoctoral Services YouTube channel.


Duke Career Center

Access the video library of past Duke Career Center events featuring professionals from a broad range of career paths.


Innovative Careers for PhDs

View videos from the fall 2021 Innovative Careers for PhDs event hosted on the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship blog.

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PhD Pathways Series

You can access the PhD Pathways Series thanks to The Graduate School's subscription to The Versatile PhD. Authenticate as a Duke user on your first sign-in to access full subscription benefits.

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