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Last updated June 15, 2023

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RatesActual ActualActual


Master's Students (per semester, fall/spring)$28,950$30,110$31,310
Master's Students (per term, summer I or II)


Master's Students/PT/Continuing (per unit)3,3603,4953,635
Ph.D. Students (per semester - Yrs 1-3 AY)28,95030,11031,310
Ph.D. Students (per semester - Yrs 4+ AY, All Students summer)4,0004,1604,325


Transcript Fee (charged first term)120.00120.00120.00
Student Recreation Fee (charged fall and spring)162.75170.75180.00
Activity Fee (charged fall and spring)18.2518.2518.25
Student Services Fee (charged fall and spring)10.0011.0011.50
Health Fee (charged fall and spring)429.00449.50472.50
Health Fee (charged summer)302.00324.00341.00
Graduate Audit Fee (charged per audited course)535.00535.00535.00


Tuition Remission Rate**36.5%37.4%32.9%
Ph.D. Student Fringe Benefit Rates12.2%11.3%12.0%
Duke Student Medical Insurance3,6503,3753,282.12
Duke Student Dental InsuranceN/A275329

Recommended Stipends for Ph.D. Students

(All Position Types)   
The stipend rates listed below are the amounts recommended by The Graduate School. They apply to Ph.D. students in programs housed in Trinity, Nicholas, Pratt, Nursing, Medicine, and Sanford. Ph.D. programs provide a 12-month funding commitment, and funding sources for the commitment vary depending on each program’s available resources. Please review the 12-Month Ph.D. Funding webpage and discuss funding details with your graduate program.   

First-year matriculants (Stipend starts in August)

Academic Year - 10 Months, August to May24,75025,24528,950
   Per month - 10 Months, August to May2,4752,524.502,895
Full Year Total - 13 Months, August to August33,00033,66038,600
   Per month - 13 Months, August to August2,538.462,589.232,969.23

Year 2 and Beyond (Stipend starts in September)

Full Year Total - 12 Months, September to August33,00033,66038,600
   Per Month2,7502,8053,216.67

Teaching Assistantships***

Teaching Assistant (Instructor per-course rate)6,1006,1006,100
Teaching Assistant (Grader per-course rate)3,0503,0503,050
Medical Teaching Assistant (academic year only)24,75025,24528,950

TGS Summer Research Fellowships

Summer Term - 3 Months June to August8,2508,415.009,650.00
   Per Month2,7502,805.003,216.67

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  * - Projected rates for tuition, fees, and stipends are tentative and subject to change.

** - For longer term projections, the tuition remission rate can be assumed to increase 0.7% per year.

*** - Teaching assistant and grader rates are established by the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences.