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Timely Advice: On the Market

A recent article in Duke Today examined how the current economy is affecting the range of jobs available to students graduating with Ph.D. degrees. The following departmental reports of 2008-2009 job placements provides many instances of successful job searches that will hopefully encourage and assist those of you about to enter the job market in the coming year.
(Please note, some job titles and locations were unavailable at the time of publishing.)


Adam Barb – Postdoc, University of Georgia
Craig Bartling – Postdoc, Ohio State University
Tammy Collins – Postdoc, Duke University
David Long – Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
Aleksandr Miklos – Postdoc, University of Texas, Austin
Matthew Walters – Postdoc, Vanderbilt University

Biomedical Engineering

Chad Bossetti – St. Jude Medical (San Jose, CA)
Robert Graf – Postdoc, Duke University (Adam Wax)
Nikolas Ivancevich – Postdoc, University of Cincinnati
Heidi Koschwanez – Post Graduate Diploma in Science (Health Psychology), University of Aukland (New Zealand)
Frank Moutos – Postdoc, Duke University (Farshid Guilak)
John Nouls- Postdoc, Duke University (G. Allan Johnson)
Sarah Roberts – Consultant, ZS Associates (Princeton, NJ)
Xuefeng Wei – Postdoc, Duke University (Warren Grill)

Business Administration

Kenneth Njoroge – Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
Dinah Vernik – Assistant Professor, Rice
Victor Jose – Assistant Professor, Georgetown
Wadia Haddaji – Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam
Xiumei Zhu – Assistant Professor, Purdue
Lisa Cavanaugh – Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Sarah Moore – Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
Song Yao – Assistant Professor, Northwestern
Abhijit Guha – Assistant Professor, Wayne State
Hyoung Kang – Assistant Professor, Ewha University

Cell Biology

Airon Wills – Postdoc, Princeton University

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jeff Bandy – Research Engineer, Carollo Engineers (Consulting Firm in Walnut Creek, CA)
Ernest Hotze – Postdoc, Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Changlong Wu – Senior Environmental Engineer, Syngenta

Computer Science

Raluca Gordan – Postdoc, Harvard Medical School
Anita Lungu – Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology, University of Washington
Urmi Majumder – Senior Applications Engineeer, Manufacturing Applications Group of Oracle (Redwood Shores, CA)
Aydan Yumerefendi – Software Engineer and Partner, Blue Stripe Software

Classical Studies

Bart Huelsenbeck – Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University

Earth and Ocean Sciences

Stephen Obrochta – Postdoc, University of Tokyo

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vito Mecca – MIT Lincoln Labs (Lexington, MA)
Joshua Stohl – Research Engineer, MED-EL (Durham, NC)
Thomas Hand – Northrop Grumman (Linthicum Heights, MD)
Andrew Portnoy – Senior Systems Engineer, Raytheon Company (Dallas, TX)

Environmental Science and Ecology

Andrew Gronewold – Professor, Humboldt State University
Valerie Hickey – Young Professional (Biodiversity Specialist), World Bank
Krithi Karanth – Postdoc, University of Maryland
Joeseph Sexton – Postdoc, NASA-Goddard (Maryland)


Jason Clark – Major, Army War College (Carlisle, PA)
Stephen Inrig – Assistant Professor, University of Houston
Amy Johnson – Postdoc, Elon University
Kelly Kennington – Postdoc, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joanna Kucinski – Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia State University
Jacob Langer – Senior Editor, Regnery Publishing
Rhonda Mawhood Lee – Priest, St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church
Gordon Mantler – Lecturing Fellow, Thompson Writing Program
Alejandro Velasco – Assistant Professor, New York University
Gail Yoshitani – U.S. Military Academy

Medical Physics

Lei Ren – Medical Physicist, Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, MI)


Sam Breene – Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College
John Mayrose – Postdoc, Lawrence University


Sherilynn Black – Postdoc, Duke University (Pate Skene)
Nathan Fitzsimmons – Postdoc, Duke University
Wei Wu – Postdoc, Duke University (David Fitzpatrick)


Rhea Brooking- Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
Tilanthi Jayawardena – Postdoc, Duke University (Kam Leong)
Hanying Li – Postdoc, Duke University (Victor Dzau)


Monica Hlavac – Higher Education Researcher, Education Advisory Board

Psychology and Neurobiology

Ann Aspnes – Postdoc, Durham VA Hospital
Vito Guerra – Postdoc, Durham VA Hospital
Melanie Hoy – Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina–Pembroke
Pontus Leander – Postdoc, Social Science Research Institute (Mark Leary)
Kristina McDonald – Postdoc, University of Maryland
Julie Paquette – Assistant Professor, Boston College
Elizabeth Pascoe – Assistant Professor, University of North Colorado
Nicole Quinlan – Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh
Meredith Rumble – Postdoc, University of Wisconsin
Kristen Schneider – Postdoc, University of California–San Diego
Michelle Sherrill – Postdoc, University of Georgia
Diana Tyson – Fellow, Society for Research in Child Development, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Li Yi – Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University (China)


Brian Bantum – Assistant Professor, Seattle Pacific University
Elesha Coffman – Assitant Professor, Waynesburg College (Pennsylvania)
Susanna Drake – Assistant Professor, MacAlester College (Minnesota)
Matthew Schlimm – Assistant Professor, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

Romance Studies

Rebecca Ingram – Assistant Professor, University of San Diego

Statistical Science

Floyd Bullard – Statistics Instructor, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Joyee Ghosh – Postdoc, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
Kai Mao – Postdoc, Ohio State University
Robin Mitra – Assistant Professor in Statistics, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
Jarad Niemi – Assistant Professor in Statistics & Applied Probability, University of California at Santa Barbara
Zhi Ouyang – Statistical Researcher, Google
Natesh S Pillai – Postdoc, University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
Gavino Puggioni – Postdoc, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
James Scott – Assistant Professor in Statistics, University of Texas at Austin, Business School
Eric Vance – Assistant Research Professor in Statistics, Virginia Tech
Liang Zhang – Research Statistician, Yahoo Research