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Ph.D. Student, Master’s Alumnus Receive SciComm Awards

Schmehl and Anderson
Neurobiology Ph.D. candidate Meredith Schmehl took first place in the Journalism Division of the first SciComm Contest held by the Science Communicators of North Carolina, a volunteer organization that works to connect science communicators across the state.

Schmehl won for her 2020 piece in Massive Science about research that stimulated blind people’s brains in specific ways to make them “see” letters in their minds.

Jordan Anderson, a 2020 graduate of the master’s program in bioethics and science policy, earned third place for the episode “Science and Hip: Using Music to Communicate Science” on the American Scientist's D&IComSci podcast.

Ken Kingery, a senior science communications specialist at the Pratt School of Engineering, received third place in the Institutional Division contest for his piece on Duke research that demonstrated that World War I helmets are just as good as modern designs at protecting the brain against shock waves.