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Mentoring Matinée Tackles Common Issues in STEM Ph.D. Advising

Mentoring Matinee

The Graduate School, the Duke University Center of Exemplary Mentoring, and the Pratt School of Engineering cosponsored Mentoring Matinée, an interactive-theater workshop, on September 27 to explore common pitfalls and issues in STEM Ph.D. student mentoring.

The workshop was facilitated by Theater Delta, a group that uses interactive theater to spur discussions around issues of social change. Attendees watched professional actors perform skits that portrayed situations that often arise between Ph.D. students and their faculty mentors, and then a trained moderator led a discussion about those situations.

This was the second time this year that The Graduate School and the Duke UCEM have sponsored a Theater Delta workshop at Duke. The previous one was in February and was a collaboration with the Chemistry Department. The workshops are part of the UCEM’s efforts to help students from underrepresented minorities more fully integrate into the Duke community, as well as make the Duke community more inclusive and supportive of those students.

Photos from the Workshop

If you can't see the gallery above, check out the photos here.