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Celebrating Graduate Student Appreciation Week

When the Duke University Graduate School was established in 1926, President William Preston Few understood that a Graduate School was the essential element of a research university. Since its founding, the Duke Graduate School has garnered a reputation for excellence in research, teaching, and service by attracting the highest quality of faculty and students to its ranks. This week we pause to bring to light and to appreciate the value of our graduate students who as much as anyone have brought this University to the prominence it enjoys today—through their contributions of scholarship, service, leadership, and innovation.

As part of the nationally recognized student appreciation week endorsed by the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS), we invite all members of the Duke University graduate community to take part in the activities planned for March 26-30. From learning to leverage your transferable Ph.D. skills to talking with alumni about their careers to understanding how your values relate to your success to just enjoying the fellowship, food, and fun events we have planned throughout the week.