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Apply for Fellowships for Continuing Ph.D. Students Beginning October 5

The Duke Graduate School will begin accepting applications October 5 for its fellowships for continuing Ph.D. students (see list below). Applications will be due by November 24. | Application instructions (PDF)

Award opportunities include fellowships that provide full support for the 2016-2017 academic year, summer research fellowships for the summer of 2016, teaching fellowships, and dissertation research travel awards. See the complete list below.

If you have questions, contact

Need DGS Approval to Apply

Most of the fellowships require applicants to obtain approval from their director of graduate studies (DGS) before submitting an application. Some fellowships also place a limit on the number of applicants each program can nominate. The fellowship-specific requirements are indicated in the list below. Programs differ in how they choose their nominees. Interested students should check with their DGS.

Two Letters of recommendation

As part of the fellowship application, students will be required to request two letters of recommendation, one from their director of graduate studies1 and the other from their primary faculty adviser. Students will make this request from within the fellowship application system, and the request will be emailed to the recommenders.

Each recommender will need to write only one letter for each student, regardless of how many fellowships the student applies for. The request email will contain further instructions, such as what information the letter needs to include.

The school will be accepting applications for the following fellowships

Click on each for description, criteria, and application instructions.


1 - For the Bass Instructional Fellowships, the DGS's letter will only need to verify that:

1) the applicant is making satisfactory research/dissertation progress;

2) the applicant has completed any teaching or TAing required by his/her department; and

3) the applicant's service as a Bass Instructor of Record, TA, or Online Apprentice would not interfere with his/her department's teaching or TA needs.