The Graduate School and You

As a graduate student, you will spend a lot of your time immersed in your program and department, but The Graduate School provides important resources to support you during your time at Duke. Here are just a few ways that our work influences your experience.

The Graduate School awards more than $10 million each year in fellowships and other forms of financial support. Check out the funding resources we offer.

The Graduate School sets standards and facilitates reviews to ensure its academic programs are providing a consistent, high-quality training experience.

The Graduate School works closely with departmental faculty and staff, as well as various university services, to support graduate students' mental, physical, and social wellbeing. These efforts include both developing resources that benefit groups of students and engaging multiple parties to address the needs of individual students.

Your studies and your research are important, but you need to develop your other skills and qualities to be truly prepared for a successful career. The Graduate School offers a robust slate of programming and resources to help you explore the wide range of career options available to someone with a Duke graduate degree and to equip yourself with the skills and versatility to excel, no matter which path you choose.

The Graduate School is a built-in advocate for graduate students within Duke's institutional structure. As such, our school leaders and staff continuously work to bring graduate students' needs to the attention of university leadership and stakeholders.


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The Graduate School leads and collaborates on numerous efforts to make Duke a more diverse and supportive place for students from all walks of life.

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