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A headshot of Natasha Parikh, who is wearing a black dress with white specks on it.

Natasha Parikh

Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology and Neuroscience


Natasha Parikh is a fifth-year graduate student in psychology and neuroscience through the Cognitive Neuroscience Admitting Program. Parikh has been a guest lecturer and demo leader at Duke Neuro Camp, where she led 30 high school students through a functional magnetic resonance imaging class. She has been an adjunct instructor in psychology at Elon University and a guest lecturer at Meredith College.

As a teaching assistant at Duke, Parikh has worked to exude warmth and make students comfortable in her classes. Her nominations note her organization and willingness to make changes to her course in order to ensure students are getting the most out of the class. She is a fervent advocate of inclusivity in the classroom and supports all students by applying equitable and diverse techniques in her teaching.

Parikh also emphasizes the importance of undergraduate research and has dedicated herself to mentorship by taking on six undergraduate mentees and volunteering as a Women and Math Mentor. Her research focuses on the intersection of emotion regulation and memory and how they are affected by individual differences and mental health.


Importance of Collaboration in the Classroom
A Proud Teaching Moment
Incorporating Feedback


Excerpts from Parikh's Nomination

“From the moment she started working with  us  I have  been  utterly  impressed  by  her  discipline, her  technical  and mathematical  skills,  her  capacity  to  learn  and  find  innovative  solutions  to  difficult problems, her  natural  inclination  toward leadership,  and her  unquestionable promise  to become a leading researcher and instructor in psychology and neuroscience.”

“Natasha was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to make herself available to students to answer their questions and help out, not to mention all of the time she sacrificed outside of class to both help us run our experiments and to analyze the data we collected.  She was a great instructor!”

“Natasha served as a TA for me ... and she performed superbly in that role. The students were extremely positive about Natasha, citing her diligence, her dedication, and her ability to  explain  complex  topics  to  them  in  ways  that  they  could  understand.”