Research on PFF alumni has shown that they have better knowledge about institutional expectations of new faculty, make an easier transition from graduate student to new faculty member, are better teachers and mentors, and are on a faster track to obtain tenure. Surveys of past PFF fellows identify the following as the most valuable aspects of their experience:

  • Talking with faculty mentors at home and cluster campuses regarding faculty roles and responsibilities
  • Balancing research, teaching, and service
  • Experiencing different structures of institutional governance
  • Understanding the hiring criteria and expectations of new faculty
  • Observing classes and teaching methods at the cluster campus
  • Assistance in writing a teaching statement
  • Helping them make an informed choice about academic career option

In addition, PFF fellows also receive the following benefits:

  • Official Duke transcript recognition: Participants will receive a letter indicating their selection as Preparing Future Faculty fellows. Those who complete the program will receive credit for GS775: Colloquium on the Academic Profession.
  • Access to potential academic jobs:  The national PFF office maintains a job listing open only to PFF participants and graduates. Many schools throughout the country seek candidates who have completed PFF programs.