Award Announcement


The award will fund a four-part series titled “Envisioning Your Trajectory Post-Ph.D.” This event is intended to provide Ph.D. students from Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) with tools that will allow them to plan for and optimize their leadership and career opportunities. Students will have the opportunity to learn about traditional academic career (direct entry to academia and postdoctoral program) trajectories, as well as diverse career (governmental agency and industry) trajectories after doctoral studies. The series was developed to meet a need expressed by the Ph.D. student body and feedback from DUSON alumni.


Computational tools are increasingly at the forefront of social science. Yet despite numerous graduate students and faculty leveraging these approaches, the voices of scholars of color and women are not often heard. We know that a lack of diversity in methodological conversations disrupts the quality of scientific inquiry. With this grant to fund a Computational Social Science Speaker Series, we will invite a wide range of diverse speakers to present their research or computational methodologies. In addition, we provide a bi-weekly space for exchange between participants that fosters a community of inclusive and interdisciplinary computational scholars. The knowledge gained through this workshop series will be useful to any Duke graduate student, postdoc or faculty member who wants to incorporate computational methods into their work.