Duke OPTIONS is an online professional development planning tool designed to help Ph.D. students increase their competencies in six important areas, as they develop through three stages of their graduate programs. You can access the tool at options.duke.edu.

Who funded this tool?

Duke OPTIONS was built with funding from the Council of Graduate Schools ETS/CGS Award for Innovation in Promoting Success in Graduate Education and the Duke University Graduate School.

Who developed Duke OPTIONS?

  • (PI) Paula D. McClain, Ph.D., James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Professor of Public Policy, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education
  • (Co-PI) Melissa Bostrom, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development
  • Hugh Crumley, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  • John Zhu, Senior Public Affairs Officer
  • Jacqueline Looney, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity
  • J. Alan Kendrick, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Development
  • Brad L. Teague,  Ph.D., Assistant Dean and Director, English for International Students
  • Francisco Ramos, Ph.D., Manager of Program Evaluation and Assessment
  • Pakis Bessias, IT Manager
  • Iryna Merenbloom, Assistant Dean for Finance


Still have questions? Reach out to The Graduate School's professional development team at grad-profdev@duke.edu.