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DEI Foundations: Building Your Leadership Engagement Strategy


Jimi Okubanjo, Award-winning filmmaker, TED speaker, and Resilience story teller

Jimi Okubanjo

Do you currently have a leadership engagement strategy in place? What obstacles are you trying to overcome? Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your existing DEI program, this event is tailored to provide you with the foundation needed for success.

Jimi Okubanjo will guide you through the process of using a stakeholder engagement matrix, a powerful tool for mapping out relationships and identifying allies in your journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What You’ll Learn:

How to identify a sponsor within your organization

Knowledge and tools needed to build a robust leadership engagement strategy

Key elements of successful implementation of a DEI program

Duke graduate students can access this Association for Women in Science event for free through Duke's institutional membership, sponsored by the Office of Faculty Advancement. Find information about how to claim your Duke membership to AWIS here.


Leadership, Professional Development, Professionalism and Scholarly Integrity, Teaching and Mentoring