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A2i Translating Your Skills: Project Management and Product Management


Kevin Olson, Ph.D., Senior Manager of R&D Innovation at BD

Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson, PhD is a Senior Manager of R&D Innovation at BD, a global medical technology company. He earned his PhD in Chemistry with a focus on polymers and materials from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he worked to develop materials for nonflammable lithium-based batteries. After graduating, he joined BD’s Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP), a rotational program for PhDs that is designed to develop future R&D leaders. As a TLDP associate, he rotated through various fields including diabetes care, additive manufacturing, and tissue reconstruction and held roles in technology development, R&D strategy, and program management. His favorite thing about his current role is having the opportunity to meaningfully improve patient care in areas ranging from disease diagnostics to implantable devices.

In this workshop, you will have in-person interactions with Dr. Kevin Olson and learn about how he made his career transition from PhD in Chemistry to his current role as a Senior management at BD.

A2i is a program at Duke helping PhD students find, apply for, and secure employment outside of academia. The content, industry partners, and guest presenters will be tailored for STEM, humanities and social science doctoral candidates, other graduate and professional students from Duke are welcome to attend. See the complete lineup of spring 2024 A2i events on the Duke Career Center website.

This event is sponsored by Duke Career Center. 


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