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A2i Converting Your CV to a Résumé: A Workshop for Humanities and Social Sciences Ph.D. Students

A graphic for the "A2i Converting Your CV to a Résumé: A Workshop for Humanities and Social Sciences Ph.D. Students" event on October 14.

While a CV is usually used for applying academic jobs, a résumé is more often used for job applications beyond academia. This workshop will provide you a framework for getting started, converting a CV to an industry résumé, and finding ways to increase your likelihood of getting that initial phone screen or interview. 

Vanessa Doriott Anderson PhD

Guest facilitator: Vanessa Doriott Anderson is Assistant Dean for Academic and Career Development at the Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In that role, she provides support for graduate students’ professional and career development and manages the Graduate Student Center. She previously served as Interim Assistant Dean for Professional Development and Director of Teaching and Communication Programs at the North Carolina State University Graduate School, and prior to that, as a tenure-track assistant professor of French. She received her B.A. in French from Macalester College, her M.A. in French from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, and her Ph.D. in Romance Studies from Duke University. Her academic specialization in twentieth-century autobiography informs her work with graduate students who seek to shape their many varied skills and experiences into a coherent professional narrative. 

A2i is a program at Duke focused on helping humanities and social science Ph.D. students find, apply for, and secure employment outside academia. While the content, industry partners, and guest presenters will be tailored for humanities and social science doctoral candidates, other graduate and professional students from Duke are welcome to attend. See the complete lineup of fall 2022 A2i events on the Duke Career Center website.

This event is sponsored by Duke Career Center. Questions? Contact Jiayue Liu, A2i intern.


Alumni, Careers Beyond Academia, Communication, Professional Adaptability, Professional Development, Professionalism and Scholarly Integrity