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The Graduate School and Duke University want to be more than just a memory that you look back on with fondness. We want to provide you with career services, lifelong learning opportunities, and ways to engage with other alumni, the university, our faculty, and our students. In short, we want to be a supportive community that you can turn to at each stage of your journey after you leave Duke.


News for Alumni

Creating Community: International ESL Graduate Students on the U.S. Academic Job Market

March 21, 2018
ESL Academic Job Search Workshop

How scary do the words “Academic Job Market” sound? Now try to say these words with a foreign accent, draft a cover letter with a different language interfering with your (very professional) writing, and decipher a job ad without the advantage of a lifetime in the U.S. to understand how the American higher education system actually works. A series of workshops designed by graduate students in Romance Studies helped them overcome some of these challenges during job application season.

Alumni Profiles Series: Nathaniel Stookey

February 21, 2018
Nathaniel Stookey

“Duke’s Music Department was my haven, a place where I could get away from the stresses of my more public life and focus on what I love about music, which is intimate and personal.”

Alumni Profiles Series: Max Brzezinski

February 14, 2018
Max Brzezinski

Max Brzezinski is Marketing Director for Carolina Soul Records and author of the forthcoming book Vinyl Age: The Carolina Soul Guide to Record Collecting. His job calls on the theoretical acumen and the research skills he developed in his English PhD program as he communicates his passion for recorded music. He shares advice for how to successfully complete a PhD in a way that will help you stay happy and find a job you love.