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The Graduate School and Duke University want to be more than just a memory that you look back on with fondness. We want to provide you with career services, lifelong learning opportunities, and ways to engage with other alumni, the university, our faculty, and our students. In short, we want to be a supportive community that you can turn to at each stage of your journey after you leave Duke.


News for Alumni

Dean McClain: Reflecting on George Floyd, and the Path Forward

June 4, 2020
Paula D. McClain

"Can we, as a major educational institution, find a path that might lead to a better, fuller understanding of the country, of the world, and of each other? For the sake of our community, and the most vulnerable members in it, we must try."

Alumni Profiles Series: Alexander X. Byrd

June 3, 2020
Alexander Y. Byrd, Ph.D.

“I don’t feel like I’ve left Duke. Some of these people I haven’t seen in I don’t know how long, but that community hasn’t disappeared. It is ongoing.”

Alumni Profiles Series: Lori Lehman

May 27, 2020
Lori Lehman, Ph.D.

"Life is too short to work on something you don’t like or something you are not passionate about. People come up to me saying, 'My HIV is undetectable because of the drugs you made,' or 'Your drug cured me of Hepatitis C.' These stories give my work meaning."