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Notifying The Graduate School of Your Decision

After you receive your admission offer, you must notify The Graduate School of your enrollment decision following the steps below. This is required even if you have already notified your department, and you are not officially enrolled until you do this.

Deadline to Submit Your Decision

Unless otherwise indicated, you must submit your decision by April 15 or within 15 days of receiving your admission offer, whichever is later. If we do not hear back from you by then, we will assume that you have declined the offer of admission, and your application will be withdrawn.

How to Submit Your Decision

Submit your decision through the Applicant Self-Service system.

  • Log into your Applicant Self-Service account.
  • In the My Applications section, you will see the links “View Decision” and “Respond to Offer.”  Click “Respond to Offer.”
  • Click either “To Accept” or “To Decline” and fill in the requested information to submit your decision.
  • If you are offered admission and choose to decline the offer, please complete the decline survey in the “To Decline” section.

If you accept the offer of admission, the admissions office will send you an e-mail requesting that you have your official transcripts sent to The Graduate School. International students needing visas will also receive an e-mail on how to begin the visa process. You will not receive an information packet in the mail from The Graduate School.

Note: Your admission offer is only for the semester and program specified in the admission letter. Requests for deferral are rarely approved by The Graduate School. Valid reasons for a deferral include serious health issues, visa issues which are beyond the student's control, or military service. If you wish to defer your admission, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies of the program or department to which you applied.