Victoria Szabo
Director of Graduate Studies
Information Science + Studies (ISS)
Duke University
114 S. Buchanan Boulevard
Box 90766
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 668-1934


Program Description

The purpose of the ISS Graduate Certificate is to offer an interdisciplinary program at the graduate level that focuses on the study and creation of new information technologies and the analysis of their impact on art, culture, science, medicine, commerce, society, and the environment. The program is designed for doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in Information Science and Studies. The goal of the certificate is to broaden the scope of the typical disciplinary PhD program and to engage the student in ISS-related research and digital project production. The ISS Graduate Certificate is not intended to provide a disciplinary canon in information science and information studies but rather to develop a structured set of transdisciplinary skills and resources for exploring new areas of academic research. As such, the ISS Graduate Certificate is not to lead students down an existing path of traditional academic research but rather to provide them with the means for expanding the scope of their main disciplinary focus by creating new paths of their own. The Graduate Certificate is offered to complement existing PhD, MA, or MFA student programs, and will be of particular interest to students wishing to develop competencies in Digital Humanities, Computational Media, Technology Studies, and related fields.