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5 Ph.D. Students Receive Funding for Evolutionary Medicine Research

 DeWitt, Paietta, Raj, Semmes, and Wisse
Five Duke Ph.D. students were among the 2021 recipients of the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine’s Graduate Student Awards.

The one-year awards help graduate students pursue research in evolutionary medicine relevant to their graduate research. The awards provide up to $7,500 per student for direct research expenses.

The Duke recipients and their funded research:

  • Katrina DeWitt (Biology): Climate-driven shifts in the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes
  • Elise Paietta (Biology): Optimization of anthroponotic viral detection approaches in lemurs
  • Jude Raj (Medical Scientist Training Program/Pharmacology and Cancer Biology): Determinants of targeted therapy-induced immune evasion
  • Eleanor Semmes (Medical Scientist Training Program/Molecular Genetics and Microbiology): Human cytomegalovirus and host B cell co-evolution across the lifespan
  • Jillian Wisse (Ecology): Deep breaths: how whale stress can lead to hypoxia treatments for humans