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June 17, 2021
Duke D logo

Starting in fall 2021, Duke will provide a dental insurance plan for Ph.D. students and will cover the cost of premiums for those who are in their first six consecutive years of Ph.D. study.

June 9, 2021
Palmar Álvarez-Blanco, Ph.D. and Steven L. Torres, Ph.D., founders of ALCESXXI

Drs. Palmar Álvarez-Blanco and Steven L. Torres, co-founders of ALCESXXI, present their model for a socially-engaged professional association in the humanities.

June 7, 2021
Dena Zhu Ho and Zane Swanson headshots

Recent Ph.D. graduates Dena Zhu Ho and Zane Swanson look back on their experience as graduate administrative interns for the Duke University Center of Exemplary Mentoring in a uniquely challenging year.

May 26, 2021
Micah Gilmer, Ph.D.

"I gravitate towards work that focuses on creating new systems, processes, and cultures that are aligned with values around equity. This country was founded and built upon systems that were designed to foster inequality between folks of different gender expressions and between different racial groups. These things are deeply ingrained and embedded in every system and organization. I am especially interested in how individuals change beliefs and understandings around issues of equity."

May 25, 2021
Second cohort of Sloan Scholars

The Foundation will continue to fund the Duke University Center of Exemplary Mentoring, which recruited 30 Sloan Scholars during its first three years.

May 17, 2021
Nathaniel Berndt

Nathaniel Berndt is Duke's first Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellow since 2018. The fellowship supports Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences addressing questions of ethical and religious values.

May 12, 2021
Helen Shears

An unexpected opportunity with Bass Connections helped this graduate student make it through a difficult pandemic year. 

May 8, 2021
Nicole Calhoun

About 130 Ph.D. graduates picked up graduation gifts and celebrated with the Graduate School staff during the May 7 drive-through event.

April 29, 2021
Álvarez and Burns

Felipe Álvarez de Toledo López-Herrera and Kathleen M. Burns were among 72 recipients for the fellowship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

April 28, 2021
Christina Chia, Ph.D.

"I was only on the academic job market once, but during that time I felt like departments were looking for a different kind of work than what I was doing in the Multicultural Center and thought I was doing as well in my dissertation. I realized that we thought about the field of 19th-century multi-ethnic work very differently. I thought of it as more comparative or relational work, but the departments I interviewed with were looking for more clear-cut sub-fields. This experience of confronting disciplinary assumptions, combined with the autonomy I had in my other job, where my academic training was appreciated but not being put under scrutiny, made following a non-faculty track feel like the best of both worlds. I started to see a way to stay in the university, but in a different role and context."