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Using Your Skills in Consulting: How to Make an Impact Beyond Your Academic Discipline (Webinar)

Friday, November 22, 2019
3:00 pm

Dr Kathleen Foote turned an expertise in Physics, with a focus on Physics Education Research, into a successful career in consulting by leveraging her diverse quantitative and social science skills. She is currently a Senior Consultant with Deloitte. In this webinar, Kathleen will talk about her pathway to non-academic work, provide insights into the world of consulting, and discuss the need to absorb and utilize knowledge (something PhDs should be good at) on the job. She’ll discuss the value of building a diverse skill set and how pursuing broad interests paid off.

How might you apply your knowledge in the sciences or humanities in a broader work context? Do you need to change your mindset, and if so, how? The webinar is part of the PhD Pathways Webinars offered through VersatilePhD.

VersatilePhD is a subscription tool for PhD students and alumni to explore career opportunities beyond the tenure track.  Use your Duke NetID on your first visit to access Duke's subscription, sponsored by The Graduate School.

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  • Professional Development
  • Communication
  • Professional Adaptability