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Ph.D. Problem-Solving: Adopting an Effective Mindset for the Job Market

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
3:00 pm

For many PhDs and postdocs, solving problems should come naturally. Why, then, is this mindset so seldom applied to the job search and in interactions with potential employers?

Alok Gupta left his PhD program in Oceanography to land a string of research and technology-related "dream jobs" before becoming an elite academic and career coach. He did this, at every turn, by adopting a problem-solving mindset and proactive approach to landing jobs. Find out ways to test and improve your own approach through this webinar and live Q&A session with Alok Gupta, Founder, Genius Squared, Elite Career Coach.

The webinar is part of the PhD Pathways Webinars offered through VersatilePhD, a subscription tool for PhD students and alumni to explore career opportunities beyond the tenure track.  Use your Duke NetID on your first visit to access Duke's subscription, sponsored by The Graduate School.

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  • Professional Development
  • Professional Adaptability