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Headshot of Patrick Green.

Patrick A. Green 

Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Faculty Adviser: Sheila Patek


Patrick Green, a biology Ph.D. candidate in his fifth year, will be entering a postdoctoral research position in the Nowicki Laboratory at Duke University upon graduation. Throughout his time at Duke, Green has participated in outreach programs such as the Scientific Research and Education Network, where he has held a leadership position for the past several years. He also coordinated both BEAM and BLeRG, graduate and postdoc review groups for the behavioral ecology and morphology program and the biology program, respectively. Green has mentored eight undergraduate students, as well as a local high school teacher.

Green is broadly interested in assessment, animal contests, and animal weaponry. His current research uses behavioral, biomechanical, and physiological techniques to study how animals with deadly weapons assess ability and resolve territorial contests. Green has been recognized for his research, teaching, and mentoring efforts, including the Duke Data Expeditions Teaching Award, the Support for Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Networks Grant from Duke, and an honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


“You’re going through this really important part of your life, not just in grad school but when you’re an undergrad as well, and so as a mentor, being patient and allowing people to come to their own conclusions and have their own experience and just being there as they’re doing that is really helpful.”

On the Importance of Patience 
On His Work with BLeRG


Excerpts from Green's Nomination

“Patrick is an excellent educator who eagerly uses active-learning, student-centered approaches, and he has shown that he can succeed in teaching even in areas where professionals in this area fail.”

“Patrick has been a delight to work with on our committee. He is consistently willing to take on new tasks and has creative ideas. He has been patient with our, sometimes, lackadaisical committee members and has never complained about the occasional slow pace of progress. It has been a pleasure working with him and inspiring to see his commitment to improving the graduate experience of our Biology doctoral students.”

“Patrick is a gifted mentor due to his ability to listen to students, meet their concerns with understanding and empathy, and translate their feedback into an actionable plan. Using data from entrance and exit surveys from the first “Bio Boot Camp”, Patrick helped evaluate our curriculum to find opportunities for improvement. As an instructor, he is humble and does not take criticism personally, choosing instead to focus on how he can create better student experiences and outcomes.”

“Patrick is an outstanding mentor. His practice reaches beyond the undergraduate community at Duke, and helps to create a long lasting set of policies and programs for graduate students. His commitment to facilitating mentorship through various programs and works has been apparent to me since his arrival within this department, and his impact has been tremendous.”