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Transcript Credit

Transcript credit for RCR training is only awarded to graduate students who matriculated into their PhD program in or after summer 2003. Completion of the RCR requirement will be monitored by The Graduate School and documented on each student’s university transcript as:

  • GS710 (prior 310A; campus orientation), 6 credits
  • GS710A (prior 310B; Beaufort orientation; A=Away), 12 credits
  • GS711 (prior 311; any RCR Forum or other approved training), usually 2 credits
  • GS712 (prior 312; Departmental RCR Forums), variable credit
  • GS713 (new in summer 2014; Beaufort follow-up training for post-year 3 PhD students in basic medical sciences), 4 credits

You can monitor your progress toward RCR training by looking in ACES under “Academic History.” Your transcript will provide certification of RCR training for various professional societies, for compliance with federal requirements (where applicable), and when applying for research grants.

Please allow sufficient time after any RCR training event for information to be compiled in The Graduate School, submitted to the registrar, and entered onto your official university transcript. All credit is entered after the completion of the event.