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Transcript Credit

Transcript credit for RCR training is only awarded to graduate students who matriculated into their PhD program in or after summer 2003. Completion of the RCR requirement will be monitored by The Graduate School and documented on each student’s university transcript as:

  • GS705 (master's orientation)
  • GS710 (PhD orientation)
  • GS710A (Greensboro PhD orientation; A=Away)
  • GS711 (Gradaute School RCR Forum)
  • GS712 (Departmental RCR Forums or other approved training)
  • GS713 (Beaufort follow-up training for post-year 3 PhD students in basic medical sciences)

To  check your own records to see what RCR you have credit for, and what requirements still need to be fulfilled, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Duke Hub
  2. Click on the Planning tab at the top of the page
  3. Click on "Run your Advisement Report to determine your progress toward your degree." You can find this under My Academic Requirements on the left side of the page
  4. Click the triangles expand/collapse your Responsible Conduct of Research Requirements

Please allow sufficient time after any RCR training event for information to be compiled in The Graduate School, submitted to the registrar, and entered onto your official university transcript. All credit is entered after the completion of the event, and this process may take up to a few weeks.

Note: beginning Fall 2018, RCR events are notated with 0 (zero) credits to avoid confusion with regular, credit-bearing classes. If an RCR forum/orientation appears on a student's transcript with zero credits, it is still valid towards the degree requirement.