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RCR Requirements

All students enrolled in the Duke University Graduate School must participate in a four-hour RCR orientation during Orientation Week. Entering students will be contacted over the summer with instructions to register for the appropriate RCR orientation. Credit will be posted on your official Duke transcript. All students are also required to complete additional, ongoing two-hour forums before graduation. Registration, when available, will be in the event descriptions (Orientation; Forums.) Do not try to register through DukeHub. The number of required forums varies by degree:

Master's Students

  • Orientation (GS705) and     
  • 1 RCR Forum

OR (beginning Fall 2020)

  • Orientation (includes credit for GS714 and GS715) and     
  • 1 RCR Forum

PhD Students Not in Basic Medical Sciences

  • Orientation (GS710) and     
  • 3 RCR Forums

OR (beginning Fall 2020)

  • Orientation (includes credit for GS714 and GS715) and     
  • 4 RCR Forums

PhD Students in Basic Medical Sciences (see list of Programs below)

RCR training for graduate students in the basic medical sciences is administered by the Office of Biomedical Gradaute Education. For more detailed information, questions or contact regarding this, please refer to OBGE RCR.

  • Orientation (GS710A) and
  • BIOTRAIN754 (GS713) and
  • 1 RCR Forum

OR (beginning Fall 2020)

  • BIOTRAIN750 and
  • BIOTRAIN751 and
  • BIOTRAIN753 and
  • BIOTRAIN754 (GS713) and
  • 2 RCR Forums

To see if you have fulfilled the RCR requirement, go to DukeHub > Planning > My Academic Requirements > Run your Advisement Report... More information on doing this.  All RCR credits are posted on your official Duke transcript after you attend RCR training events; note that this process may take several weeks.

Basic Medical Sciences Programs

Cell and Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Cognitive Neuroscience*
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Developmental and Stem Cell Biology
Genetics and Genomics
Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health
Medical Physics
Medical Scientist Training
Molecular Cancer Biology
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Population Health Sciences