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RCR Requirements

Master’s Students

All matriculating master’s degree students enrolled at the Duke University Graduate School must participate in a four-hour RCR orientation during Orientation Week. No additional training beyond this RCR orientation is required.

Entering master’s degree students will be contacted via e-mail in July with instructions to preregister for the RCR orientation. Credit will be posted on your official Duke transcript as “GS705: Responsible Conduct of Research–Master’s Orientation.”

PhD Students

All matriculating PhD students at Duke are required to complete 12 or 18 contact hours of RCR training (varies by discipline; specified below) in the first four years of their study.

To fulfill this requirement, you must attend ONE of three fall RCR orientation sessions (GS710 or GS710A) during Orientation Week. Beyond the RCR orientation, you must fulfill the remaining six hours of training during the first four years of your study by attending general Graduate School RCR Forum events (GS711) or Departmental RCR Forum events (GS712).  The forum events are generally two hours each, so you may need to attend at least three RCR forums.

To see if you have fulfilled the RCR requirement, go to Student Center, choose Advisement Report from the dropdown on the left, and in that report, you'll see Responsible Conduct of Research with showing your current status. More information on doing this.

PhD students do not preregister in ACES for any RCR training at Duke. We will provide a separate link to preregister via an online survey. All RCR credits are posted on your official Duke transcript after you attend RCR training events.

Basic Medical Science Track                        18 hours total
RCR Orientation (Greensboro Retreat)   12 hours
Graduate School or Departmental RCR Forums   2 hours
School of Medicine 4-hour course in Year 3-4*   4 hours
Natural Science and Engineering Track    12 hours total
Orientation     6 hours
Graduate School or Departmental RCR Forums   6 hours
Humanities and Social Science Track   12 hours total
Orientation   6 hours
Graduate School or Departmental RCR Forums    6 hours


* – Basic medical science students who attend the Greensboro Retreat (GS710A) will be required to attend a mandatory follow-up RCR training day between years three and four of their program. Details will be announced on our website and communicated by departments in the School of Medicine. It will count as GS713. This is required for PhD students who attended the Beaufort/Greensboro Retreat in fall 2011.

Note: Medical Scientist Training Program students (combined MD/PhD degree) who began their PhD program on or after summer 2003 must complete the 18-hour requirement of basic medical science students to include GS710A: Greensboro Retreat, and additional RCR forums or training as noted.