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Summer 2016 Professional Development Series

Core Competencies

“Getting What We Want Without Being A Jerk: The Elements of Assertiveness” with Rhonda Sutton, Ph.D., LPC​

Thursday, May 19
This workshop will provide participants with the basic elements of assertive communication, as well as how to utilize these in different situations that are unique to postdocs and graduate students. 
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An Introduction to Your Professional Development at Duke​

Tuesday, May 24
Whether you’ve just finished your first year of graduate school or are a more seasoned student beginning to explore your career options, this workshop can help you get started with the career and professional development resources, programs, and opportunities available at Duke and beyond. 
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How Do You Lead People Who Are Not Like You? Myers-Briggs and Leadership​

Wednesday, May 25
Using an assessment based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this workshop will help you apply your understanding of your personality preferences to your interactions with others. 
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Presenting Yourself Professionally​

Tuesday, May 31
How do you wish you came across to your colleagues? Which attributes do you hope to present in your professional world? Being engaging and engaged, curious, open, persuasive? We will dedicate our interactive time together to these goals. 
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Cultivating Intercultural Communication for Collaboration​​

Wednesday, June 1
In this workshop, you will learn about three communication styles and how you can leverage yours effectively in intercultural interactions. 
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Leveraging Your Strengths​

Thursday, June 2
Investigate strategies for communicating your strengths to others, the challenges that your strengths might pose for you, and ways you can use information about your strengths to thrive in a team setting. 
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“Work/Life Integration: A Different Approach to Balancing Work and Life” with Rhonda Sutton, Ph.D.​

Thursday, June 16
This discussion will focus on how to integrate the varied roles we all have within our lives (eg, researcher, employee, supervisor, spouse, parent, caregiver for elderly family members...) Suggestions for how to think about these roles as a 'both/and' rather than an 'either/or' scenario within our lives will be provided. 
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PhD Career Paths

Beyond the Professoriate Online Conference (Subsidized Registration)​

Saturday, May 7 and Saturday, May 14
Interested in exploring career options beyond the academy? The Graduate School is subsidizing 10 registrations for current students to attend the Beyond the Professoriate online conference on May 7 and May 14. During this two-day series of webinars, you will hear from Ph.D.s who have successfully made the transition and learn job search strategies from career education professionals. 
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Networking Event: Career Options for STEM PhDs in RTP

Friday, June 3
Want to build connections with the local biotech/pharma community and learn more about industry careers? Duke graduate students and postdocs are invited to attend a networking event at the North Carolina Biotech Center.
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