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GS762: Online College Teaching

Open to: PhD students beyond second year
Credit: 1, credit/no credit
Instructors: Hugh Crumley & Sophia Stone
Offered: Spring. Instructor consent required.

This course prepares PhD students to

  • enter a new faculty position with a basic understanding of the state of online higher education in terms of tools, trends, and the multiple perspectives on these issues; and
  • meaningfully contribute to and benefit from participation in an apprenticeship in the Duke Center for Instructional Technology.

In the course, you will

  • explore a range of formats and modalities for online and hybrid instruction;
  • take part in conversations with current practicing faculty on trends, directions, and implications for the future in online education;
  • look at course and syllabus design, materials development, assessment and intellectual property issues in online education; and
  • begin developing an online or hybrid course that you would like to teach.

To Enroll

Students in the Certificate in College Teaching program are given priority for this class. Each term, an online form is opened for students to express interest in this and other college teaching courses being offered in the following term, and seats in the courses are distributed based on need and the appropriate fit of the student (year of study, teaching experience, etc.) The online form is typically opened in October (for spring classes) and in April (for fall classes.) Watch for CCT Annoucements emails for these links. This course is designed to prepare PhD students to be Bass Online Associates, and those students have enrollment priority.