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GS760: College Teaching and Visual Communication

Open to: PhD students in year two or higher
Credit: 1, credit/no credit
Instructor: Hugh Crumley
Offered: Fall and spring. Instructor consent required.

In this course, students

  • explore web tools for designing an online teaching portfolio,
  • write a teaching statement for this portfolio,
  • develop a CV according to graphic design principles,
  • work collaboratively with others in the design process, and
  • develop a short presentation on their research for a lay audience.

The portfolio developed in this course can be used to satisfy the online teaching portfolio requirement in the Certificate in College Teaching program.

Sample syllabus (PDF)

To Enroll

Students in the Certificate in College Teaching program are given priority for this class. Each term, an online form is opened for students to express interest in this and other college teaching courses being offered in the following term, and seats in the courses are distributed based on need and the appropriate fit of the student (year of study, teaching experience, etc.) The online form is typically opened in October (for spring classes) and in April (for fall classes.) Watch for CCT Annoucements emails for these links.


Sample Teaching Portfolios by Past GS760 Students

Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Alexandra Dodson (F 14)

Keri Hamilton (F 13)

Laura Bagge (S 16)
Eric Green (S 15)
Kathryn Picard (S 15)
Erin McKenney (S 15)
Christina Kelliher (S 14)
Allison Edgar (F 13)
Qingyun (Tristan) Li (S 13)
Alex Gunderson (F 12)
Martha Alonzo (F 11)
Lisa Pang (S 09)

Biomedical Engineering
Jacqueline Robinson-Hamm (F 16)
Katheryn Rothenberg (S 16)
Jenna Mueller (F 14)
Jared Barrott (S 14)
Katherine Glass (S 14)
Cristina Fernandez (F 13)
Priscilla Hwang (S 13)
Sarah Reagan MacEwan (F 11)

Business Administration
You-il (Chris) Park (S 16)
Yue Zhang (F 14)
Dirk Black (S 13)

Pamela Mosley (S 16)
Keely Glass (S 12)
Megan Lanier (F 11)
Kathryn Haas (S 07)

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Yajuan (Viola) Duan (F 16)
Tierney Foster-Wittig (F 12)
Tiffany G. Wilson (S 12)
Jing Tao (S 12)

Clinical Psychology
Charles Jonassaint (S 08)

Computational Biology & Bioinfomatics
Hanghang Wang, MD (S 15)
Zackary Scholl (F 13)
Ayal Gussow (S 13)

Computer Science
Mac Mason (F 10)
Brittany Fasy (S 08)

Earth & Ocean Sciences
Kendra Kaiser (F 16)
Sarah Brody (F 13) 
Hannah Aird (F 13) 

Aspen Reese (S 16)
Katie Grogan (S 13)
Aline M. Wagespack Clator (S 12)

Maria Zhu (F 16)
Alex Robinson (S 16)
Margaux Luflade (S 16)
Christopher Roark (F 15)
Brian Clark (S 15)
Rosen Valchev (S14)
Lily Liu (S14)
Kristin Johnson (F 11)
Kalina Staub (F 11)

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kip Coonley (F 16)
Craig Laboda (S 16)
Chris Tralie (F 15)
Jill Desmond (S 13)

Ryan Brown (F 11)

Israel Durham (S 16)
Abby Seeskin (S 15)
Jessica Hines (F 14)
Rebecca Evans (S 14)

Environmental Science
Megan Fork (F 16)
Daniel Brown (F 14)
Laura Macaulay (S 14)
Kris Voss (S14)
Daniela Miteva (F 12)
Farnaz Nojavan (F 11)
Zachary Brown (F 08)
Noella Gray (F 07)

Evolutionary Anthropology
Joseph M.A. Petty (S 13)
Kari Allen (F 12)
Marisa Macias (F 11)

Exploratory & Documentary Arts
Kyle Wilkinson (S 16)
Laurenn McCubbin (S 13)
Wolfgang Hastert (S 13)

Genetics & Genomics
Rose Keith (F 16)
John Hibshman (F 16)
Jessie Uehling (F 16)
Abigail LaBella (F 16)
Emily McLean (F 16)
Annie Jeong (S 16)
Megan Aldrup-MacDonald (S 15)
Melissa Kennan (S 14)
Dave McDonald (F 11)
Jamie Weyandt (F 11)

Germanic Languages & Literature
Sandra Niethardt (F 14)

Kendra Smyth (F 15)
Elizabeth Wong (F 12)

Carolyn Laubender (F 16)

Marine Science & Conservation
Haydee Dominguez Tejo (F 13)
Shaleyla Kelez (F 10)

Ashleigh Thomas (F 16)
Ezgi Temamogullari (S 16)
Michael Casey (S 16)
Henri Roesch (F 15)
Dmitry Vagner  (F 15)
Phillip Andreae (S 15)
Ben Gaines (S 14)
Sean Lawley (F 13)
Harrison Potter (F 12)
Tiffany Kolba (S 11)

Medical Physics
Yang Sheng (F 16)
Brent Fallin (F 15)
Justin Solomon (S 15)
Anna Rodrigues (F 14)
You Zhang (S14)
Susu Yan (F 13)
Jered Wells (S 12)

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Shannon Esher (F 16)
Chris Frank (F 14)
Marcela Kokes (F 13)


Kristen Rutschman (S 14)
Sarah Elaine Neill (F 13)
Amy Scurria (S 08)

Dennis Flores (S 16)

Xuhui Bao (F 15)

Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Kathleen Hershberger (S 15)
Julie Kephart (F 13)
Val Gerriets (F 13)
Amanda Conway (F 11)

Adela Deanova (S 13)
Whitney Kane (S 12)

David Bjergaard (F 16)
Emilie Huffman (S 16)
Reggie Bain (F 15)
Kristine Callan (F 12)

Political Science
Alexandra Oprea (F 16)
Aaron Roberts (S 14)
Danielle Lupton (F 12)

Psychology & Neuroscience
Charlie Giattino (F 16)
Micah Lattanner (S 16)
Nadia Brashier (S 16)
Julie Martin (F 15)
Kate Diebels (F 15)
Rosa Li (S 15)
Kurtis Gruters (S 15)
Kate MacDuffie (F 14)
Jessica Stanek (S 14)
Allison Cantor (S 14)
Amy Winecoff (S 14)
Beatrice Capestany (S 14)
Sara Edmond (F 13)
Dina Gohar (S 13)
Katrina Jongman-Sereno (S 13)
Jessica Bolton (F 12)
Samantha Deffler (S 12)
Sharda Umanath (S 12)
Lauren L. Williamson (S 12)
Cameron Hopkin (F 11)

Public Policy
Puneet Chehal (F 16)
John Holbein (F 14)
Lucy Sorensen (F 14)

Mari Joerstad (S 16)
Michelle Wolf (S 15)
Sarah Bereza (S 15)
Diana Abernethy (S 15)
Adrienne Krone (F 14)
Eric Chalfant (F 14)
Jennifer Kryszak (F 12)
Wen Reagan (S 12)

Romance Studies
Silvia Serrano (F 16)
Candela Marini (S 16)
Reginald Patterson (F 09)

Kristin Johnson (F 11)
Kimberly Rogers (F 11)
Wendy Brynildsen (F 11)

Statistical Science
Matt Johnson (F 16)
Daniel P. Heard (S 12)