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CCT participants should successfully complete two courses in college teaching. This can include any combination of Graduate School or discipline-specific pedagogy courses offered by a department or program.

You can complete the coursework requirement at any time, either before or after enrolling as a CCT participant. Ideally, you would take the courses immediately before or in conjunction with your teaching experience.

Graduate Studies Courses

Departmental Pedagogy Courses

  • AAAS 780S: Teaching Race, Teaching Gender (crosslisted in WOMENST, HIST, LIT)
  • BIO 705S: Seminar in Teaching College Biology
  • ENG 890S: 21st Century Literacies: Digital Knowledge, Digital Humanities (crosslisted in ISIS)
  • ENG 996 Teaching College English
  • ENV 737: Environmental Education and Interpretation
  • ENV 865SA Teaching and Course Design (DUML)
  • GERMAN 700S: Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practices
  • HIST 703S: Focusing on Teaching and Pedagogy
  • ISIS 640: History and Future of Higher Education
  • MATH 771S: Teaching College Mathematics
  • NURSING 543: Facilitating Student Learning (online)
  • NURSING 545: Integrating Technology into Nursing Education (online)
  • NURSING 546: Innovative Curriculum Development in Nursing (online)
  • NURSING 547: Educational Program Evaluation and Accreditation (online)
  • NURSING 548: Test Construction and Item Analysis (online)
  • NURSING 549: Using Qualitative Assessment and Evaluation Strategies (online)
  • NURSING 550: Role of the Nurse Educator: Issues and Challenges (online)
  • PHILOSOPHY 795S: Teaching Philosophy
  • POLISCI 790: Teaching Politics
  • PSY 601S: Psychology Teaching Seminar
  • RELIGION 996S: Teaching in Religion 
  • RELIGION 885: The Study of Asian Religions (UNC)
  • ROMST 700: Theories and Techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • RUSSIAN 714: Methods in Teaching Russian
  • STA 790.04: Special Topics (Teaching Statistics)
  • WOMENST 320: The Pedagogy of Women's Studies